Property Management

Land Nominee / Land Trust

Helping overseas investors hold the land title and secure the property through Nominee or Trust services

Fund Trust

Assisting fund owners in managing the trust fund and choosing the right investment on behalf of the owner

Construction Trust (loan joint construction and pre-sale)

Acting as a third party and helping builders, landowners, and banks in managing building projects.

Real Estate Transaction Trust

Serving as a third party of buyers and sellers keeps certain documents, properties, or funds until the transactions finished and transfer to the certain party.

About Us

STRONGHOLD TRUSTEE is a trust company approved by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC or previously known as SECC). Our company specialized in and provides an array of trust services, including land trust, money trust, construction trust, or commercial trust that tailor to your needs. We value our client's needs via high-quality financial services at a reasonable price and aim to become a trusted financial STRONGHOLD for everyone.

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