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Founded in August 2019, StrongHold Trustee, is deeply aware of the financial disputes in Cambodia caused by the lack of information. As a financial pioneer in Cambodia, we strongly feel that we must strive to become a trusted financial bunker and assist the local economy develop. StrongHold's main financial products include: Land due diligence, Hold on Title, Escrow, etc.

Under the business philosophy of "To have a deep development in Asia"and"Service First", StrongHold has created many achievements of contempt in the industry at the beginning. We are the first trust institution with multiple consultants in Taiwan. Nowadays, USD and Riel are used the same time with the dual currency policy used and the multiple advantages of financial conditions without foreign exchange control, it is expected to become a financial center in Southeast Asia. Therefore, StrongHold intends to use its own strong back knowledge base to combine with Cambodia's financial conditions to guard the development of the financial system.

Currently, the slogan of StrongHold Trustee is "Strong Protection", "Hold Property" and "Trust us". It will uphold the faith of the guardian spirit and become a Strong guardian bunker of assets. It will combine international financial experience to create a pure and excellent Trust environment.

In the future, StrongHold Trustee will continue to promote the company's internal and external management with this brand core with the core values of “Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation” and other enterprises’s core values, build a lean corporate culture, and implement corporate social responsibility to create the three win environment among customers, shareholders and employees. And expect to become the leading brand of Southeast Asia, and become the most trusted financial environment in customer’s mind.


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If you have any interest or problem with each of the asset management businesses, please contact us immediately to arrange a free initial consultation.

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