China Still on Top Real Estate Investor in Cambodia

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment in Cambodia - A lot of investers come to Investment Cambodia,Property、Land Buy and Sell are very popular in Cambodia.-According to the report, “In terms of investment inflows to the property sector, China has more than 1 billion riel, Singapore 271 billion riel in second place, The United State 214 riel in third place, and South Korea with 109 billion riel, Japan 62 billion riel and other countries 78 billion riel.”

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Cambodia Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment

Chreok SokNim, president of the Cambodian Association of Valuers and Realtors, told Propertyarea.asia on April 29, 2020 that China is the largest investor in the real estate industry in Cambodia because they know our potential.

“The current challenge is a short-term problem and when things are back to normal, the real estate sector in Cambodia will grow even stronger.”“China’s economic recovery is a good thing for real estate in Cambodia because they will come to invest in Cambodia.”The National Bank of Cambodia shows the telecommunications sector’s real estate telecoms as in the annual review report of 2019, including the National Bank of Cambodia’s international operating reporting system. Including all real estate and condominiums in 2019 with an investment of 1782 billion riel, More than $ 437 million and capital investments in the country amounted to 14 billion USD, were higher in the past 5 years.

Around the development of the real estate sector, this is under the technical assistance of the International Monetary Fund, with the National Bank of Cambodia updating its Real Estate Progress Report form with the objective of improving data quality reporting and real estate index indicators.

The Real Estate Price Index will provide important information on the progress and aspects of the real estate market, which will assist the NBC, such as the financial institution, in managing the risks associated with real estate in Cambodia.

Source: propertyarea