Number of internet and SIM card subscribers inches down as of August

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment  Property-Figures from the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) show that 98 percent of the total internet subscribers are mobile internet subscribers and the rest are fixed internet users.

TRC Spokesperson Im Vutha attributed the decrease of internet subscribers to drying up of foreign tourists and closure of illegal online gambling.

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However, he said, although the number of internet subscribers decreased, the amount of internet usage increased due to growing online-based businesses such as PassApp, mobile banking, online-product sales, online education, and online registrations at ministries and institutions.

“The decline was due to the saturated market, as the number of SIM card subscriptions already exceeded the total population of about 16 million,” he said.

Currently, there are five mobile service providers in Cambodia – Viettel, Smart, Cellcard, Cootel, SeaTel – five mobile internet providers, and 42 fixed internet providers.

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Article Source:Khmer time