Property Investment Cambodia-Cambodia generates over $30 million from milled rice exports in January

Property Investment Cambodia-Cambodia, with its strong appreciation potential and high rental yields exceeding 6%, is arguably the best place to buy real estate in Southeast Asia right now. Property developers in Cambodia meet a truly global standard as well.

Figures from the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) show that the Kingdom earned in total US$30.76 million from milled rice exports.

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In January, a total of 34.032 tonnes of Cambodian milled rice were shipped to 28 countries around the world, including China, 14 countries in the European Union, 2 countries in ASEAN, and 11 other countries, and 36 companies engaged in the exports.

According to CRF, fragrant rice takes almost of the export, which 87.63 percent of the overall exports, including premium fragrant rice, Sen Kra Ob, Organic Jasmine rice, and so on.

Decline in rice exports in January, especially to EU member states (down by nearly 60 percent), was mainly due to shipping problems and lack of containers for rice, as well as heavy cargo, explained CRF, adding that there is not enough space for pre-courier from Sihanoukville to transit to the mother vessel to Europe and the price is up to 5 times.