Minister urges speeding of agricultural and fisheries project rollout

Cambodia, with its strong appreciation potential and high rental yields exceeding 6%, is arguably the best place to buy real estate in Southeast Asia right now. Property developers in Cambodia meet a truly global standard as well.

Minister Veng Sakhon made the point when receiving AFD Country Director Ms Ophelie Bourhis at the ministry yesterday.

The rollout of the projects will respond to the current situation in Cambodia shriving to promote domestic animal and vegetable production for local demands for food supply, and the effort will consequently create more jobs for Cambodians, said the minister.

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According to Ms Bourhis, the two projects are aimed at boosting rain-fed agricultural technology and sustainable coastal marine fisheries management are undergoing assessment and will be implemented soon.

She confirmed to Sakhon that the project will further improve Cambodia’s agricultural production value chain as well as the quantity, quality and safety of food supplies enabled by environment-friendly technology.

Sakhon thanked the AFD country director for the projects and spoke highly of the projects financed by the agency so far, especially in contribution to the betterment of Cambodia’s agriculture and fisheries.

In the last three years, AFD through its co-financing with other development partners have enabled the implementation of five projects worth 141.5 million Euros in Cambodia.

Despite the on-going COVID-19 threat, the two sides were committed to ensure smooth cooperation and agricultural and fisheries project implementation.