Cambodia’s digital economic and society policy for 2021-2035 launched

Property Investment Cambodia-The Kingdom has officially announced the implementation of its “Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework of Cambodia 2021-2035” policy. It identifies the digital sector as a new model of economic growth responsive and resilient to changes in economic structure, development and international trade.

Property Investment Cambodia

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The policy has been prepared in accordance with the actual needs, potentials, resources and capabilities in the public and private sectors to orient the development and process of the digital revolution in Cambodia on a solid foundation of complete peace, territorial integrity, national unity and political stability, as well as the economic and social development that Cambodia has achieved more than three decades.Cambodia has set out a vision titled “Building a vibrant digital economy and society by laying the foundations for promoting digital adoption and evolution in all sectors of society, the state, the people and the business community.”This vision encapsulates the aim of accelerating new economic growth and the promotion of social welfare through the post-pandemic “new normal”. Building the digital economy as a new source of economic growth and an ecosystem that increases productivity and economic efficiency is the road to improving the well-being of the people of Cambodia.