New Cambodian Investment Law 2020

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment Property Invest in Cambodia-A new Cambodian investment law is in the drafting stage and is expected to go online in 2020. The law is aimed at making the Kingdom an even more attractive destination for new investment and to improve the investment environment to keep the existing investments in the country.

Top 10 reasons to own a condo in Cambodia

Property Investment Cambodia -According to the latest report by CBRE Cambodia, as of Q4 2019, there are 17,995 condo units in Phnom Penh, a 27 percent increase from the same period in 2018 when there were 57 completed projects, offering 14,170 units. Condominiums are still new to Cambodia. Yet they are becoming an integral part of the real estate sector. For now, Boreys seem to be the most in-demand form of housing among locals.

Why Do Investors Invest in Property, Why in Cambodia?

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment-Today the word “investment” has been used in many ways. Some people invest in their education, their cars, furniture, arts, or hobbies etc. What do you invest in?

FDI into Cambodia’s real estate sector increased

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment-The NBC (National Bank of Cambodia) Annual Banking Supervision Report 2019 was released this week and the FDI (foreign direct investment) into the real estate sector in 2019 was valued at over $437.3 million.

Buying property in Cambodia

We look at what you need to know to buy a property in Cambodia, whether as a Cambodian citizen, or as a foreign national living in Cambodia – which is possible although there are some restrictions.

Why is it important for real estate in Cambodia?

Stronghold trustee Foreign investment Property Invest in Cambodia - A lot of investers come to Investment Cambodia,Property、Land Buy and Sell are very popular in Cambodia.

STRONGHOLD-TRUSTEE-Guide To Investing In Cambodia

Stronghold trustee-Nestled in the southern Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has undergone a drastic change from an under developed country to a widely urbanized Kingdom due to massive developments and improvements in the different sectors.