Property Management

Land Trust

Because foreigners or foreign companies have many restrictions on obtaining Cambodian real estate ownership, StrongHold Trust first obtains the right to legally register real estate and then provides loan registration services. Let customers register real property in our name and hold real property rights on behalf of customers.

Real Estate Escrow

In other words, the owner of the land (broadly defined as the land and its ground objects) trusts the land to the trustee in order to use the land effectively and to obtain income.

Construction Trust (loan joint construction and pre-sale)

The landlord and builder joint construction case join the trust mechanism. With the bank acting as a fair third party, the trust between the joint builder and the landlord is strengthened.

Customized trust services

According to the client's statement, provide complete consultation, and tailor the most suitable trust service according to its legality, and provide the most complete protection.

About Us

Founded in August 2019, StrongHold Trustee, is deeply aware of the financial disputes in Cambodia caused by the lack of information. As a financial pioneer in Cambodia, we strongly feel that we must strive to become a trusted financial bunker and assist the local economy develop. StrongHold's main financial products include: Land due diligence, Hold on Title, Escrow, etc.

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